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Body and The Beast Episode 14 – Overcoming Adversity

Dan and Jamie are back! This time talking about a number of subjects. – Overcoming Adversity – What Dan would do if he won the lottery – What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger – Going into the Dark to see the light – Focusing on what you can control and less about what you […]

Body and The Beast Episode 13 – Friendiversary

Dan and Jamie Are Back! This time we are discussing.. – Our “Friendiversary and what we have done a year on – Amazon Orders and What it says about us – Personality Types – Male Melt Off

Body and The Beast Episode 12 – Snakey McSneakerson

Dan and Jamie are back with another game changing episode! In this episode we talk about – Shooting – Burnout – Why you should never watch Labyrinth or The Never Ending Story – Why Jamie doesn’t like socks – The 90-9-1 Principle with Social Media – Snakey Mcsneakersons —