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Body and The Beast Episode 14 – Overcoming Adversity

Dan and Jamie are back! This time talking about a number of subjects. – Overcoming Adversity – What Dan would do if he won the lottery – What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger – Going into the Dark to see the light – Focusing on what you can control and less about what you […]

Body and The Beast Episode 13 – Friendiversary

Dan and Jamie Are Back! This time we are discussing.. – Our “Friendiversary and what we have done a year on – Amazon Orders and What it says about us – Personality Types – Male Melt Off

Body and The Beast Episode 12 – Snakey McSneakerson

Dan and Jamie are back with another game changing episode! In this episode we talk about – Shooting – Burnout – Why you should never watch Labyrinth or The Never Ending Story – Why Jamie doesn’t like socks – The 90-9-1 Principle with Social Media – Snakey Mcsneakersons —

Body and The Beast Episode 9 – Tribes and Tribulations

In this beast of an episode we drop some great information that is going to piss you off and help your progress How to build tribes Understanding that its not how smart you are for success Our day out in Brighton stuck in a room Using Stress and Suffering to your advantage

Body and The Beast Podcast Episode 5 – Pinky Penises

Jamie And Dan Are Back for a Very Special Christmas Edition of Body and The Beast In this episode we talk about.. – Why Dan Went to Thailand – Learning Something New Every Day – Taking Time Off? – Competition Winner Time We also reveal a great opportunity where you can work with Dan and […]

The Body and The Beast Episode 4 – Two Star Timmys

This time we will be talking about a host of great subjects.. – Two Star Timmys and One Star W**kers – Information Absorption – The power of Do – Dan the Teenage Years – Advertising and the podcast Enjoy

Body and Beast Episode 2 – Drawing with Crayons

Dan and Jamie are Back! This time we are talking about all kinds of random topics such as.. – Dealing with Burnout – Dating an Entrepreneur – Sliding Scales of Success – Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Body and Beast Episode 1 – Swim in Seas and Climb up Trees

Welcome to the Brand New Body and The Beast Podcast Starring Body Transformation Coach and Fitness Star Jamie Alderton and Entrepreneur and Business Beast Dan Meredith. In this episode we do a short introduction and give you the low down on what coming into your ears into over the next few months plus some wisdom […]